Adding funds on Spendesk

There are two different ways to add funds to your Spendesk account:

Via bank transfer:

  • - Head over to [Settings > Your Wallet > Wallet Funding]
  • - Select the "by transfer" option
  • - Check the account details in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and proceed with the transfer
☝️  Please make sure to add the correct reference (it usually starts with EUR/GBP/USD depending on the default currency of your Spendesk account)
☝️  Please ensure that the wire transfer comes from the bank account you have previously registered with Spendesk for compliance purposes.

With a credit card:

  • - Head over to [Settings > Your Wallet > Wallet Funding]
  • - Select the "Credit Card" option
  • - You can load money ranging from 100€/£ to 2000€/£ on your Spendesk account.
  • - Please note that a 2% fee will be charged on this operation due to banking fees.

🚨 A bank transfer will be processed by our bank within 1 to 5 business days while a credit transfer should be instantaneous following our team approval.

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