Adding funds on Spendesk

This article is for account owners and controllers, who can add funds on Spendesk.

There are two different ways to add funds to your Spendesk account:

Via bank transfer

  • - Head over to Settings > Your Wallet > Wallet Funding > By transfer.
  • - Check the account details in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and proceed with the transfer.

🚨You'll find all the relevant information to prepare your bank wire transfer order. Please fill it accordingly, otherwise, the funds will be rejected.

The funds will be available on your account between 1 to 5 business days. No fees apply on wire transfers (apart from FX fees if relevant).

Protips so that your funds arrive safe and sound :

☝️Beneficiary: don't put Spendesk as the wire transfer beneficiary. Funds will be rejected. Put either Transact Payments Ltd or your company's name : check your account accordingly.

☝️Only for wire transfers to Transact Payment Ltd: Please make sure to add the correct reference starting with EUR/GBP/USD/SEK/NOK/DKK depending on the default currency of your Spendesk account. Otherwise, the transfer will be rejected.

☝️Be compliant: please ensure that the wire transfer comes from the bank account you have previously registered with Spendesk for compliance purposes. Legal banking regulation prohibits funding an account from the bank account of a different company (with the exception of holding companies, which may send funds to their subsidiaries).

☝️For transfers in dollars (USD) only: be sure to indicate in the transfer order that the recipient must pay the transfer fee. Otherwise, a fee (usually $25) will be deducted from the total amount sent.

With a credit card:

  • - Head over to Settings > Your Wallet > Wallet Funding > By credit card.

☝️You can load money ranging from €/£100 to €/£2000 on your Spendesk account.

☝️Please note that a 2% fee will be charged on this operation due to banking fees.

☝️A credit card transfer should be instantaneous following our team approval.

My funds are not yet credited on my account

This may be due to the fact that it takes some time between the moment you initiate the transfer request and the moment it is received by our banking partner. We advise you to check out the following article.

It's also possible that only part of your funds are visible in the available amount on your wallet, because part of your funds went straight to topping up recurring / subscription cards and physical cards in priority. Indeed, these are the first to be loaded, for practical reasons, when funds are insufficient to load them at the beginning of the month. More info here.

My transfer is not in the right currency  

Sadly, it is not possible to change the currency of your transfer. Funds will be rejected and transferred back to your bank account automatically. 


If you are not concerned by any of these situations, we invite you to contact us ( and please make sure to provide us with the transfer order. Our support team will then be happy to help.

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