Collecting invoices and receipts

Collecting invoices is always hard. Here are a few tips to help accounting teams collect their coworkers' receipts with a bit more efficiency:

Using the Spendesk mobile app

The simplest way to reconcile receipts is to ask your coworkers to use the Spendesk smartphone app. From our app, they will be able to automatically notified after each payment, and will be able to upload their own receipts.

  • - From the Spendesk app, tap on the [Payments] tab
  • - You should find your latest payments. Tap on your latest payment.
  • - Manually enter the information related to your purchase (Supplier, Team, Description, etc.)
  • - Scroll down to the [Invoice] section
  • - Tap on [Add Invoice]
  • - From your phone, you should be able to take a photo of your receipt from the app, or add an invoice stored on your phone or a cloud-based service like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive.

After adding the correct information and your invoice, head back to the [Payments] tab: you will notice that the invoice icon has turned from red to green.

Invoice reminders

From Spendesk, you can send automatic or manual reminders to your co-workers, in case they haven't uploaded their receipts yet.

Automatic Reminders:

  • - As a controller, log in to your Spendesk account on your computer.
  • - Head over to ["Settings" > "Notifications"]
  • - Select and enable "Receipt Reminders"
  • - From there, you should be able to set up the desired day and time when weekly reminders will be sent.

Manually Reminders:  

  • - As a controller, log in to your Spendesk account on your computer.
  • - Head over to the ["Payments"] tab
  • - Select the payments with missing invoices.
  • - Alternatively, you can use a filter to only show missing invoices.
  • - You can then click on the ["Send Reminders"] button.
Keep in mind:

You can't send Manual Reminders more than once a week.

Good to know:

You can also create customized reminders to help your co-workers identify their payments with missing receipts in a faster and easier way. To learn more, check out this article.

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