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Collecting invoices is always hard. At Spendesk, we have a few tips to help you collect the invoices at the end of the month: 

1️⃣  Make sure that everyone with a plastic card has downloaded the app: they will be notified as soon as they have made the payment and will just have to take a picture of the receipt, while they still know where it is. So easy, they can't miss it. 

2️⃣  Send invoice reminders by e-mail to your teammates:

  • Set up automatic reminders:

You can turn on the auto-reminders feature and set up the day and time at which your colleagues should be receiving the notifications by email. You just need to click on your Settings tab (Settings > Notifications > select "Receipt Reminders" > "On") and set up at what time you’d like the latecomers to receive weekly email reminders.

🚨  If auto-reminders are activated, you won't be able to manually send reminders and vice versa. You can disable it, when needed, by clicking on Settings > Notifications > "receipt reminders" >"Off")  

  • Or choose to manually send reminders:  

> Click on your "Payments" tab, select which payments have missing invoices by clicking on the "Invoices" filter and again on "missing invoices". 

> Then, select all of your payments and click on "Send reminders": your colleagues will receive an email reminding them to attach their invoices. 

☝️ You can't manually send reminders more than once per week.

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