My payment was refused but it appears on Spendesk: what should I do?

If the supplier told you that the payment was refused, no worries, you will never be debited for this payment. 

Here is what happened with this payment: 

  • The supplier made an authorization on your card to check if the card was valid and had enough money. This is a normal procedure, which is most of the time followed by the debit, a few days later. 
  • This authorization is what triggered the Spendesk email regarding your payment and what makes your payment appears in the "Pending transactions" section (i.e. section where the payments are currently being processed by the merchant).
  • Following this authorization process, the merchant will either debit/settle the payment or refuse it. If the payment is debited, it will appear in your payments of the month. Otherwise, the merchant will let the authorization expire (it can take up to 18 days). The payment won't be debited :) 

🚨 Spendesk works exactly the same as a bank account. It displays the following transactions:

  • Those that are being processed or refused by the merchant in the "Pending Transactions" section of your "Payments" tab
  • Those that were charged by the merchant in the "Payments of the month" section of your payments tab


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