My payment was declined: what should I do?

If your payment was declined, don't panic: you will not be debited for this payment. 

Here's what happened: 

  • - The supplier made an authorization on your card to check that the card was valid and had enough funds.
  • - This is a normal procedure. Most of the time, the debited transaction will show up on your account statement a few days later.
  • - This authorization typically triggers an email from Spendesk regarding your payment.
  • - The payment should appear in the "Pending transactions" section. It is currently processed by the merchant.
  • - Following this authorization process, the merchant will either debit your card and settle the payment, or they will refuse it.
  • - If the payment is debited correctly, it will appear in your payments of the month.
  • - Otherwise, the merchant will let the authorization expire (it can take up to 18 days). The payment won't be debited :)
Spendesk works like a bank account:

We display the following transactions:

  • - Transactions being processed or refused by the merchant show up under the "Pending Transactions" section of your ["Payments"] tab.
  • - Transactions that were charged by the merchant show up under the "Payments of the month" section of your ["Payments"] tab


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