Do Spendesk cards support 3D Secure?

Spendesk cards don't support 3D Secure, however it shouldn't prevent you from proceeding with the payment 😉 .

A merchant usually triggers 3D Secure when it detects that cards are equipped with it. When cards aren't, such as Spendesk ones, if a fraud occurs this is the cardholder bank (Spendesk) and not the merchant which is responsible for it. This is why the merchant should normally not be triggering their 3D Secure when a Spendesk card is being used. 

In order to make sure that your payment isn't being blocked by a 3D Secure process, here are a few things to check prior to making a payment: 

  • Check that you've entered the right billing address, the one associated to your Spendesk card. To know which billing address is associated to your card, you can generate a virtual card: this information is always mentioned below the generated card. 
  • Check that you've entered the right information linked to your card (name, expiration date, card number, CVV...) 
  • If you've made the payment for someone else (train/plane tickets, hotel bookings ...), it might be sufficient to trigger the 3D Secure verification. In this case, we advise to make the booking over the phone so that the supplier can easily check your identity. 


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