My payment was refused, why?

There are several reasons to explain why a payment might have been refused:

  • - You may not have enough funds on your Spendesk card. In this case, have a look at these dedicated articles to get an idea on how you could reload cards or make new request when needed to: single purchase card, subscription cardplastic card.
  • - The card information may be wrong. Please make sure to double-check that the card number, expiration date, CVV, and card type (Mastercard) are properly filled out on the supplier's website.
  • - Your billing address may not match the billing address associated with your Spendesk card. In order to check the correct billing address, you can always create a new request and generate a virtual card: the billing address appears below the card. See screenshot below:


Keep in mind:

There's always a slight chance that the supplier may have set-up their payment system incorrectly. The transaction could fail if:

  • - The merchant's payment terminal is not connected to the Internet (often the case for some hotels, restaurants, airplanes, trains, toll booths, and parkings.)
  • - The merchant's payment terminal is set-up on a wrong mode (check out this article for more information.)
  • - The merchant didn't use the card correctly, making the transaction fail: you need to enter your card into the payment terminal and then type in your PIN code. If the card is swiped or not entered into the payment terminal correctly, the payment will automatically be declined!

If you're still experiencing issues after going through these different items, feel free to drop us a note at or contact us using the in-app chat.

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