Withdrawing cash with a Spendesk card

You can use your Spendesk plastic card to get cash out at ATMs. However, you will need to activate the Cash Withdrawal feature:

  • - First, your Account Owner has to get in touch with our User Care team or with their dedicated Customer Success Manager.
  • - Once we've activated the Cash Withdrawal feature, it's up to your Account Owner to enable the feature for each plastic card.
  • - Account Owners are the only ones who have access to this. They can also activate the Cash Withdrawal feature ahead of time for newly ordered cards.

If you wish to activate this feature on your account, please ask your Account Owner to contact us via our in-app chat or at support@spendesk.com

🚨 About Fees:

Extra fees of 0.75% per withdrawal will apply, regardless of whether you withdraw cash in your card's currency or in a different currency.

💵 Know your limit:

You're legally allowed to withdraw a maximum of 6,000€ / £4,600 over 4 days.

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