Put money on the plastic card

There are 3 different ways of funding your Spendesk plastic card: 

1️⃣ Using your card monthly budget that was set by one of your Admins

You can access your monthly budget either through your Spendesk interface via the "Card" tab or through your mobile app by clicking on "My Card". 

Your monthly budget represents the amount that will be available on your card at the beginning of each month via an automatic reload made on your card. As this amount has been loaded (thus approved) by an Admin on your card, it can be higher than your Spendesk spending policy.

2️⃣ Making top-ups to fund your card whenever you need it - without any defined monthly budget

If your monthly budget is set at 0, no worries, you can still use your Spendesk card! It only means that the administrator prefers the top-up request option rather than the monthly budget one.

  • Click on 'request a top-up' either on your Spendesk interface via the "Cards" tab or by clicking on "My Card" on your mobile app. 

  • Depending on your spending policy, the top-up request will be instantaneous or will need to be approved.

  • After approval, your plastic card will be automatically credited.

3️⃣ By combining monthly budget and top-ups 

If you happen to spend your entire monthly budget but you still need funds, no worries, simply top up your card (see previous point) to be able to use it before the beginning of the next month, when the card will be automatically reloaded (see first point).


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