What type of card does Spendesk use?

Whether you use a virtual or a plastic Spendesk card, each of them are prepaid Mastercard.

For our customers, this means that:

  • Payments will work wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • Prepaid cards work in a different way than "regular" debit or credit cards: you can only spend what you have loaded on the card.

☝️   When using a virtual card, your card will only be loaded with the amount you put when making your request. We always advise to request a little bit more money than the actual request, just in case. Any leftover money will be sent back to your company's Spendesk account.

☝️ Your plastic prepaid card is loaded with funds by your manager. You can check the balance on your plastic card balance under the [Card] tab on Spendesk (mobile app and desktop.)

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