Change the budget of a recurring card

It's really easy! Just go to your Subscriptions tab and click on the chosen subscription to modify your monthly budget. 

🤓 If the merchant tried to charge a higher amount than what's available on the card, you might receive a low budget error message on this specific matter inviting you to increase your card budget.
This is the reason why, we always advise you to set-up a budget which is high enough to encompass your monthly expenses. Remaining funds will be blocked on your account, on the card's budget. 

If you want to decrease the budget, the change will be automatically applied. If you want to increase it, the change would need to be approved beforehand. 

☝️ If you're the Controller you can visualise all payments and cards. However only the cardholder and his team manager can access the card details and modify the card budget accordingly.

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