Attach an invoice when using a virtual card

There are two ways of attaching your invoice after making a payment with a Spendesk card: 

🔘 Send invoice by email "Invoice Collect"  / Beta version

No need to log in to Spendesk to attach your receipts anymore: you can simply forward your PDF receipt to Spendesk via email and Marvin, our beloved bot 🤖, will automatically attach it to your payment.

☝️ So, how does it work?

1. Log into your Spendesk account to get the email address created specifically for you. You will transfer your invoices and receipts to this address.

2. Click on a payment and then on “We can get your receipt for you. See how"

3. Copy the email address that appears

4. Send your first receipt to this address.

☝️ Which receipts formats are handled by this feature?

Our lovely bot Marvin can handle for now multiple attached receipts in PDF format (JPG in not yet supported) and receipts which are in the email body

🔘 Answer your payment confirmation email

With this method, still no need to connect to your Spendesk account. Just answer the Spendesk payment confirmation email with your receipt attached and we'll match it automatically to your payment, as described in the email body:Capture_d_e_cran_2018-08-16_10.43.52.png

🔘 Traditional way 

Sign in on Spendesk, click on your payment and drag and drop your corresponding receipt.

You are going to make your accountant very happy 🤓 🎉

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