Attaching a receipt when using a virtual card

There are several ways to attach your receipt after making a payment with Spendesk:

1. Replying to the Payment Confirmation Email

Simply respond to the confirmation email you must have received after your transaction and make sure to attach your PDF receipt. We'll automatically match the receipt to the corresponding payment.

The confirmation email should look something like this:


 2. Manually on

  • - Sign in to your Spendesk account,
  • - Select the payment you're trying to update from the [Payments] tab
  • - Drag and drop your receipt.

3. Using Marvin, the Spendesk bot  (currently in Beta)

You can also submit your invoices using Marvin, our accounting robot 🤖.

To use Marvin, simply forward your PDF receipt to Spendesk via your dedicated email address, it should work something like this:

You can always find Marvin's dedicated email address by: 

  • - Heading into the [Payments] tab.
  • - Open the correct transaction. 
  • - Click on ["See How?"] under the 'Upload or Drag and Drop an Invoice' button.
  • - A popup window should open and display your unique email address. This is email address is valid across your entire company, not just for yourself.

How does it work?

1. Log into your Spendesk account to get the email address created specifically for you. You will transfer your invoices and receipts to this address.

2. Click on a payment and then on “We can get your receipt for you. See how"

3. Copy the email address that appears

4. Send your first receipt to this address.

Which receipts formats are handled by this feature?

Marvin can currently handle multiple receipts in PDF format (.JPG support coming soon), as well as receipts which are in the body of the email.


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