Which card should I use to make payments: single purchase or recurring?

The regular way to make your purchases with Spendesk is by using a Single Purchase Card (New request > click on "Single use") valid for 1 month. One purchase, one card, that's the rule 😊.

However, if you are paying regular or irregular amounts for a recurring service like your Linkedin subscription or your Google Ads, or you'd like to make recurring payments for the same supplier - you can use a Subscription Card (New request > click on "Recurring") valid for 4 years:

  • Fill out the request form accordingly and indicate the price (monthly budget) of your subscription - or set a high budget to encompass your upcoming spending.
  • At the beginning of each month, we'll make sure to reload the card budgets so that all cards are sufficiently funded according to your defined monthly budget.
  • You can also pause (and reactivate the card later on) or remove your own subscription card(s) (permanently) whenever you want by ticking the box next to your subscription.

🤓 Tips

1️⃣ We advise to use a subscription card valid for 4 years to pay for a yearly subscription or for a purchase that requires the card to be valid for a long period of time (i.e. hotel, car rental etc.).
Simply make your payment with this card, once the payment has been settled (i.e. appears in the "Payments" tab, in the payments of the month section) you can then, in your "Subscriptions" tab, tick the box located next to your card and pause it. This way, the card budget won't be automatically reloaded and no funds will be blocked.

2️⃣ The merchant requires a card to be valid at the time of service and/or that can be charged multiple times over a long period of time by different subcontractors (marketplace): simply use a subscription card and have a look at our dedicated article!

☝️ We consider that using a subscription card engages the cardholder for quite a long time (valid for 4 years) and give him/her the ability to make multiple payments within a chosen budget that he can amend (increase or decrease accordingly). This is the reason why, irrespective of your individual spending policy, whenever you request a subscription card it needs to be approved.

Easy Peasy!👌

💳 Don't hesitate to have a look at our dedicated article "Startups, get all your SaaS subscriptions in order!"

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